Tadacip is an up to date medicine for the treatment of erection problems. This drug was developed by Cipla Limited on the basis of the existed chemical formula of Cialis. Thus, tadalafil is also an active ingredient of Tadacip. The drug has the same benefits as Cialis, particularly: long-lasting effect (36-48 hours), compatibility with alcohol and better drug tolerance.

The standard dosage of the drug is 20 mg, that is, one tablet per 36 hours. The action of the drug begins in about half an hour, so it should be taken about an hour before the planned sexual intimacy. Tadalafil enhances blood flow to the pelvic organs, which leads to the development of a full erection. But the medicine acts only when the man experiences sexual arousal. Without this condition, an erection does not develop.

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In some cases, it is recommended to start treatment with the use of lower dosages of the drug, gradually approaching the maximum of 20 mg. Often, it is enough for the patient to take only half of the pill, especially in cases of mild or moderate erectile dysfunction.

The action of Tadalafil lasts 36-48 hours, so the next pill is allowed to drink only after 36 hours. You can take alcohol in small portions, but you should not take strong alcoholic drinks in quantities.

In the presence of chronic diseases, as well as a tendency to low blood pressure and heart weakness, Tadacip is allowed to take after the approval of the attending physician and in the prescribed dosage.

The side effects of Tadacip are similar to side effects of all drugs containing tadalafil, such as dizziness, nausea, irritation in the eyes, etc. When taking the recommended doses these effects are extremely rare and appear mainly due to overdosing.

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