Pfizer proposes Viagra to make available in the UK without a prescription

UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has launched a proposed Pfizer call to make the popular erectile dysfunction drug sildenafil (more commonly known as Viagra) available over the counter in UK pharmacies.

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MHRA said it believes that “direct risks can be minimized to an acceptable level for the Pharmacy supply of 50 mg sildenafil tablets.”

Other ways to minimize these risks include Pfizer’s proposal that only the drug be available for those over the age of 18, and for patients with certain cardiovascular diseases and risk factors that could make them unsuitable for drug use, which will be provided with instructions to consult a physician.

“Patients can be evaluated to determine their suitability for a pharmacist and aware of the risks, situations in which the supply is not the proper interaction and potential with other drugs. The risks of indirect danger as a result of the diagnosis of the underlying underlying disease is minimized through the pharmacist using their professional judgment and checklist to identify patients in whom the product is not suitable, and in referring these patients to a physician, ” the proposal says.

In addition to the “low risk of direct danger and intentional abuse” the proposal says that these risks are “outweighed by the benefits that this supply path can bring – bringing a difficult group access into the healthcare environment with the potential to previously heart disease and also the reduction of risks associated with the use of fake banknotes obtained through the Internet. “