Want to live longer?

Sex can extend a person’s life to 80 years, according to Taiwan researchers.

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Scientists argue that it is enough for a man at least once a week to enter into an intimate relationship, in order to increase the chances of celebrating the 80th anniversary by 50%. Sex reduces the risk of premature death from stroke by 50%, 40% from diabetes and 30% from a heart attack.

What is the relationship between tenderness and longevity? According to researchers, the longer a man feels himself like a man, the longer he will live. Due to the physical stress experienced by the body of a man during sex. It is better to compare it even with training, because all organs and systems then work in a strengthened mode.

Sexual intimacy triggers the mechanisms of the so-called game of blood vessels – they alternately experience severe contraction and relaxation. Therefore, sex has the effect of training for blood vessels, helps in the regulation of blood pressure in particular and is a prevention of cardiovascular disease as a whole.

In addition, the immune system, muscles (thanks to which the pain disappears), the internal organs (respiratory organs, liver, kidneys) have a positive effect. In the end, thanks to the biochemical explosion and active production of hormones of joy (this is what happens during lovemaking), the psychoemotional state improves, the person becomes balanced, the level of aggression and irritability decreases. Therefore, against the background of regular sexual life, the human body is become younger.

There is another formula for the relationship between sex and the length of a man’s life: after the last intimate relationship, a stronger sex person lives for about five years. So do not give up without leaving this matter!

So, the more I have sex, the better? No, it all depends on the human sexual constitution, you can not force yourself too. I wish everyone not to lose interest in sexual life and I want to wish that our men do not “have sex”, but love! Because without love, an intimate relationship and hot feelings have a positive effect on your health.

By the way, according to statistics, erectile dysfunction develops in 43% of men after 40 years, who then have to use Viagra. And if the intimate life is “flavored” with feelings, the risk of developing problems with erection is reduced to 15%.

And do not chase after the records! One is enough once a week, others feel good, making love every two weeks. Regularity is much more important here.