Why do men stop wanting their wives – a poll

When people live in marriage for a long time, sexual relations often boil down to “no.” Women are racking their brains over why husbands lose interest in them. In fact, they lose, and this happens, unfortunately, very often.

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In order to understand the essence of the problem itself, it is necessary to set aside “purely hypothetical” reasons and directly ask the man what is actually the matter. The site Your Tango conducted a frank poll, which resulted in a list of the most common reasons for refusing sex. Men could choose several variants of the answers proposed in the questionnaire, and this is what it turned out:

1. Erectile dysfunction or problems with orgasm

Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common problem among men of mature age, it affects about 30 percent of those surveyed. 16% of men lose interest in sex because of premature ejaculation, 15% – because of difficulties with achieving orgasm. Fortunately, there are many different drugs to enhance potency and its not difficult to buy them. The leading place in the list of tablets for prolonged erection is Viagra, which has been popular for many years.

2. Depressed state

34% of men reported that they often remain depressed or in a state of stress.

3. 68% of men reported that their wives do not take the initiative in bed.

4. 61% of the respondents think that their women do not enjoy physical proximity, so the male desire is also gradually dying out.

5. 48% of men reported that they are interested in sex, but not with their wife.

6. 44% of men indicated that sexual desire was quenched against the backdrop of constant quarrels.

7. 41% of respondents simply became bored.

8. 40% of husbands do not want to have sex with their wives because of the depressed state of women.

9. 32% of men no longer consider their wives sexually attractive.

10. 20% do not want to sleep with his wife after an affair on the side.

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