What to do if you have erection problems

Sexual life is an important part of a person’s life. Unfortunately, for today the deterioration of potency due to the reduction of erection is quite common nowadays. But a good sex life is one of the most important pledges of a happy personal life.

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By the age of 50, the maximum – to 60 years, the aging of the sexual function begins. More sadly, when the reduction in erection visits young people, this indicates their health status.

Why can an erection disappear

The reasons for this phenomenon can be different. Diseases of internal organs, psychological trauma, stressful conditions, overwork, sad sexual experience.

Causes of poor erection

This can be increased pressure, atherosclerosis, the causes of which are usually malnutrition, diabetes, smoking, hormonal imbalance.

The use of excessive doses of alcohol, other harmful substances, venereal infections, radiation exposure also does not have a positive effect on the work of internal organs, including the prostate gland. Independent prostate diseases, such as adenoma or prostatitis, also have a negative effect on its functions, and, therefore, on the potency, until its complete disappearance – impotence.

If the erection deteriorates, the doctor will also pay attention to the work of the urinary system – the work of the kidneys, the bladder.

In the event that the erection falls quickly, you need to pay attention to the state of the organs of the urinary system. The causes are often inflammation of the bladder or urinary tract. Inflammatory processes of the testicles are another reason why the erection disappears quickly.

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Since the erection is primarily a merit of the proper operation of blood vessels that provide blood filling to the penis, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is a disruption in the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

With age, due to deterioration of the vessels, the work of many organs worsens, and the prostate gland is not an exception. The causes of vascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis, are also malnutrition, smoking, illnesses of the endocrine system.

What is the mechanism of erection disappearance in atherosclerosis?

The reason is that an erection is due to an active influx of blood to the penis. As a result, all the cavities in it are quickly filled with blood, it significantly increases in size.

Atherosclerotic changes reduce the clearance in the vessels. As a consequence, the volume of blood flow decreases, which leads to a reduction in erection. Additional factors that contribute to this are hypodynamia, obesity, genetic predisposition.

The psychological factor of a bad erection

A bad erection causes a vicious vicious circle: its reduction or absence does not inspire a man for further sex.

It should be noted that doubt, which occurs before sex, in itself can cause a decrease in potency.

It has long been noted that erectile dysfunction for psychological reasons is most often visited by a more educated part of humanity – those who are accustomed to question everything. And on the contrary – the lower the level of intelligence, the less doubt the man has in everything, including his potency, and so it is higher.

The second most important factor of self-confidence is age. The older the man, the more confident he is. According to statistics, adult men most often suffer from impotence due to age-related physiological changes in the body. Young people often get problems with potency precisely because of the psychological factor, namely, fear of erectile dysfunction as such.

Also as an influence on the psychological factor are stresses, long-term depression, childhood trauma, sexual education in the family, unsuccessful sexual experience. Later such a person will find it difficult to overcome his fears and lead a full-fledged sexual life without additional help.

If you have such problems – do not pull. You need to see a doctor andrologist or urologist as soon as possible. Experts have long and quite successfully solve problems with potency, they will help you.

Hormonal imbalance of poor erection

If the erection has decreased, then the doctor will necessarily assign an analysis to the level of hormones. After all, a weak erection is often observed in men with a violation of their production.

One of these important hormones involved, including in maintaining a stable erection and active sexual desire, is the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is produced in the male sex glands (testicles). If a patient has inflammatory processes, neoplasms, his synthesis can be disturbed.

In addition to testosterone, other hormones exert influence on the work of the reproductive system of men. They include, in particular, estrogen and prolactin.

Estrogen, which is often called the “female hormone,” has the property of inhibiting the synthesis of testicles by the testicles, which is responsible for the erection and sexual function of the male.

Prolactin is also necessary for the harmonious work of the male body, as well as the female, but it is produced in men in small quantities compared to the woman. With excessive production, testosterone levels decrease, hormonal imbalance appears, the level of erection decreases, hypogonadism, or testicular failure may develop. This – a violation of the male body, due to a decrease in the level of androgens, which is characterized by underdevelopment of the genitals, secondary sexual characteristics and often leads to impotence and infertility.

Other factors of poor erection

The level of erection is affected by many negative factors – smoking, alcohol, drug use, strong drugs – psychotropic drugs, tranquilizers, neuroleptics.

In addition, the potency decreases or even disappears due to unsuccessful surgical interventions, injuries.

Treatment of impotence

Any reduction in the erection, especially if it repeats and with every next attempt worsens, suggests that you need to urgently consult a specialist.

You are not the first or the last person to encounter this problem, and believe me, modern science has already learned a lot about this problem and has quite successfully learned to overcome it.

To date, there are many pharmaceuticals that can both eliminate the cause of erectile dysfunction and improve potency.

Long-term and persistent improvement in potency is possible only if the cause of its disorder is eliminated.

If the cause is a violation of the cardiovascular system, the doctor will prescribe medications for treatment. In particular, he will prescribe drugs for the treatment of atherosclerosis, such as Atorvastatin, Piracetam and others. In the treatment of hypertension, you will most likely be prescribed a long course of taking Indapamide, Zebeta and Diroton.

If the causes were venereal diseases – here the doctor can apply broad-spectrum antibiotics, such as Ceftriaxone, Avelox, Rovamycin.

With hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy will be prescribed, which will help normalize testosterone levels in the blood. However, the use of testosterone preparations should not be misused, the body can forget how to produce them, which will lead to even more sad consequences – pharmacological castration.

To improve the potency itself, there are many effective medicines today. These are such drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Dapoxetine.

If the reason for the disappearance of the erection is a psychological factor, the patient will benefit from psychotherapy.

As you can see, if a man has a decreased sexual desire and an erection, despair is the last thing on the list of things to do. It is necessary to believe in the strength of medicine, turn to a specialist, adhere to the recommendations of a doctor, and first of all – not just to believe, but to be sure of success by 100%. After all, thanks to the achievements of modern medicine in the vast majority of cases, this problem is quite successfully solved.